Master Keys for Kids

Master Keys for Kids

Sample Lesson

Each lesson has sections to help teachers, and parents.  Students have the full lessons and Life Balance Section in their own workbook.

  Lesson Overview

                Key with the B is showing the         

             lesson is in the Basics section

   Teaching Page

                Helpful for a parent or teacher          

             giving them Hints, Observations

             and Creative Options all from the

             five years of classroom teaching.

  Actual Lesson





Lesson Second Page



For Teachers and Parents



Troll Behavior is being rude or mean which is never acceptable!

The Master Keys Troll

Madama Phloozé & her pet, Peeves

(pronounced Floo-zay!)

This page often broadens the lesson to interactive questions.  A student’s response can be shared with a parent and often creates interesting family discussion.  You might learn surprising views from your child.

This is an outline for discussion and valuable to help critical

thinking.  This approach also

helps you to mold the lesson to

being age appropriate.

This is a unique component of Master Keys taken from the author’s Your Life as a Masterpiece life purpose process.  It asks the one teaching to look at how the lesson applies to their own life  with the basic question of will this theme open doors for you, or have you closed them yourself?

Teaching Manners and Ethics