Master Keys for Kids

Master Keys for Kids


“Mon Dieu, what are they thinking?”

- Madama Phloozé  ™

(pronounced, Floozay)

Abandoned Webs

The familiar can fool you.  Daily, we walk by door jams, base boards, and room corners without really looking at them.  Then, one morning a sunbeam exposes the neglected spots.  It begs the deeper question; if the spider no longer needs it, do you?

What is neglected or abandoned for you?  Creative endeavors?  A purpose driven career?  Are there dreams of travels you have discarded believing they must belong to someone else?

There are parts of you that sit in a dim room, under-fed, and shunned.  It’s time to open that creaking door, see what blocks it, and throw the windows open.  A deep cleaning is in order to remove the cob webs of abandonment. The fresh air of a new perspective will bring in new possibilities.  You might need some help to do this.

First, tour your home and truly look at it.  Do small areas and complete a spot.  Work the perimeter of a room and get your journal out.  You are stirring the waters and allowing the neglected to surface. It needs to talk and be listened to.  Listen.  Dreams will re-emerge when it is safe to do so but they need to know you won’t kick them in the teeth or insult their gifts.

Cob webs are a symbol.  You will be amazed at how fresh a room feels after they are gone and the breeze roams through.  Uncover, coax, and listen to the dreams under the cob webs.  They might be stunted, wounded, or in need or repair, but they are still there. Be a tender listener and create the space for them to emerge.  Soon, fragile shoots will appear from under the rubble and a sense of possibility seeps into your waking world.

Time to clean!  

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