Master Keys for Kids

Master Keys for Kids


“Mon Dieu, what are they thinking?”

- Madama Phloozé  ™

(pronounced, Floozay)

Where did all the farms go?

We went for a Sunday drive last week and Madama wondered where all the farms were.  So many people to feed but where does it come from? I told her most farms are now owned by big companies.  She thought it was sad that we don’t know the people who grow our food.  She was accustumed to knowing her butcher, baker, produce seller, candy-maker, soap-maker, candle-maker, and the egg farmer.  She wonders what’s happened to our village?  No wonder we feel so alone.

What’s so great about track houses miles from stores?  How come everybody needs their own lawnmower?  Our world is over-packaged and we’re as separate from one another as store-bought eggs from the chicken.

Not only do we not know who grows our food, we don’t know how its grown. Methods are hidden, additives are standard, and we shun the rhythm of nature. Progress?  If it takes a village to raise a child, where did the village go?

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