Master Keys for Kids

Master Keys for Kids


“Mon Dieu, what are they thinking?”

- Madama Phloozé  ™

(pronounced, Floozay)

Tweeting: a treat or a tweak?

So much stress... on a hard day we crave a breather, a shift, and a plateau to pause and then back into the fray,  A piece of chocolate, a cup of tea, a cigarette... how do you hit the reset button?

For lots of folks its following tweets. A chuckle, a celebrity connection, a tid-bit of news and then back at it.

Madama wants to join the conversation but wondered why?  She sees the value in connection and sharing but is the investment of time worth the result?  Would she be adding more filler, product promotion, or self-aggrandizement?  What’s the point?

She puttered in her garden ruminating on the virtues of tweeting and then it came to her.  If I tweet, will I be planting seeds, pulling weeds, pruning or trampling on seedings?  The answer is to choose.  If we look deeper into the reasons behind our actions, we shape who we are and our effect on the world by the thousands of tiny choices we make everyday.  

A tweet is a small comment or observation.  It could also be a call to arms, a defiant rally, or a brief fact.  Often its a humorous interpretation but the larger question still is, will it diminish others or encourage them?  What effect does the tweet have on others?  Is it self-indulgent, self-expression, or self-absorbed?  What’s the motive behind the action?

We all need a reset button and tools to observe and communicate with our inner dialog.  Pausing to reflect can shift directions and prevent rash responses.  Little plateaus of reflection.  A more mindful connection versus a placebo from stress.

From Tweets to Tweaks:

To change the compulsion of mindless communication, little choices of substance need to take their place.  Madama felt good about that and decided to jump into the water and offer her perspective from a slower, more reflective time  She is going to start tweeting thoughts to give you a moment to reflect, and re-group.  She is going to TWEAK your moment so you can consciously make the kind of choices that expand your spirit.

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Ordinarily, Madama is a very pleasant person but there are a few manner faux pas’ and ethic violations that unhinge her and drive her nuts.  Join her as she shares how to make our world a more civil place.”

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