Master Keys for Kids

Master Keys for Kids


“Mon Dieu, what are they thinking?”

- Madama Phloozé  ™

(pronounced, Floozay)

What kind of world will your children create?

Bonjour, I am Madama Phloozé, and welcome to my musings.  You must think this strange for a French women from 1795 to comment and even care about the children of 2014, but I do.  I watch.  I visit, and I want to share what I observe.  I feel compelled to help as I see you all at a very challenging place that will either go down a path of diminishing civility and conflict, or we could choose the direction of care and compassion.

In what kind of world will your children raise their children?  What tools will they have?  Thank you notes may not exist.  Family dinners might only be in old pictures.  Handwritten letters may only reside in museums.  Increased social isolation will cause many to turn to vapid coping mechanisms for their loneliness; gossip, overeating, pharmaceuticals, and a plethora of anesthetizers (oh, wait.., that’s already happening). Millions may deeply regret the loss of parents, friendships, and extended family because they didn’t invest in those relationships when they could have.  There may only be shallow communication with one another because we won’t know how to create true intimacy.

Or, we could veer towards investing in deeper fellowships, and slowing down to be present with one another.  We could balance our use of technology with the development of our emotional intelligence.

Mon Dieu, if we don’t take a hard look at this now, much will be lost to the ages.  Allow me and this forum to create a place for this conversation of how we can step back, hold on to the best of our humanity by focusing on being kinder, more respectful, and more aware of how our actions effect others.  N’est ce pas?

Caviar wishes, please clear your own dishes,

- Madama and her pet, Peeves

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Ordinarily, Madama is a very pleasant person but there are a few manner faux pas’ and ethic violations that unhinge her and drive her nuts.  Join her as she shares how to make our world a more civil place.”

- Peeves

Teaching Manners, Ethics, and Civility