Master Keys for Kids

Master Keys for Kids


“Mon Dieu, what are they thinking?”

- Madama Phloozé  ™

(pronounced, Floozay)

Time for tea?

I was rushing around the house yesterday trying to do too many tasks and Madama stepped in front of me offering a cup of tea.  I scoffed and tried to get on with my tasks, but she stood there holding the tea with a no nonsense look on her face that always stops me.  With a wry smile, she informed me that the summer is flying by and I have hardly enjoyed it.  Have I been to an outdoor concert?  Have I planted the zinnia seeds?  Have I picnic-ed with friends or stopped for a sunset?

Oh dear, she is once again right.  I continue to plow through the perpetual “To-Do” list that never ends so I must impose the breaks.  There is no such thing as a rainy day here especially during this drought year.  How do we slow down?  If I don’t have time to plant the roses, I certainly won’t have time to smell them!

On my wall is a sweet poem that my grandmother had on her wall.

“If you don’t take time from your work-a-day world to wander through the realm of poseys, you will never hear the music of the garden” - M. Aumonier

Sigh... this is a message I must keep coming back to.  I went to the framed poem, took off the cob web, and placed it in clear sight on the kitchen table.  Madama, you are a good friend and guardian of my well-being.  Thank you.

Please slow-down today and enjoy a simple summer pleasure.  Make a resolution to be in synch with the season and watch the fireflies, summer moon and sunsets.  Play with no agenda and visit friends.  Have a cool drink with your feet up and marvel at the many blessings and pleasures available to you.  Please, take time to wander through the realm of poseys and listen!.

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