Master Keys for Kids

Master Keys for Kids

Are you concerned about your children growing up in an

increasingly mean-spirited and rude culture?

Madama creates a dialog while there's still time to forward the best

of what makes us human, and pass on what makes us humane.


There are two kinds of education.  

One should teach us how

to make a living,

and the other how to live.

- John Adams

Learn how Madama became a renowned magical milliner, about friendship, the cost of cruelty, and why manners and ethics are so important  to her.  

Madama comes to us from another time to share about universal human values.  She wants to start a dialog about why it's important to treat people with kindness, respect, gratitude and compassion.

Tales of Wit and Wisdom

Stories that teach Life skills

The Garden Hat

When she tips her head, it waters the flowers!

   Don't forget about        Peeves Dictionary

His own version of learning vocabulary!

In the Manner for All Seasons Series, she shares engaging stories teaching emotional intelligence and social skills, a necessary balance to our burgeoning technological focus.

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Madama Phloozé and her pet, Peeves

(Pronounced Floozay!)

"To look at Madama you would never know what a hard life she had as a girl with her fancy hats and dresses, but Madama is a tough bird to those who aren't nice to others.  Mean kids are a pet peeve of hers and that's why she named me Peeves.  She is a friend worth having and I'd like to tell you why!"

- Peeves

Coming Fall 2021

Teaching Manners, Ethics, and Civility