Master Keys for Kids

Master Keys for Kids

Are you concerned about your children growing up in an

increasingly mean-spirited and rude culture?

There are two kinds of education.  

One should teach us how

to make a living,

and the other how to live.

- John Adams

Tales of Wit and Wisdom

Stories that teach Life skills

   Don't forget about        Peeves Dictionary

His own version of learning vocabulary!

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Quick tips to help your kids to focus on civility

Seasons of... The Master Keys

WINTER  December - February:  Kindness

SPRING   March - May:                  Respect

SUMMER  June - August:       Compassion

& Self-Respect

FALL  September - November:    The Basics

& Gratitude

A Moment for Manners

Quick tips on...

• Meaningful activities for kids

• Help for processing emotions

• Social skills

• Guidance for challenging conversations

•  Suggested stories to teach through storytelling


Troll Behavior;                           The Art of What                             NOT to Do

Madama's                            Manners Meter

A look at current events

Help is on                                                                      the way!

Take a moment to teach skills to last a life time

Watch with your kids.

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Social Skills

Rude kids often turn into bullying adults


Teaching Manners, Ethics, and Civility