Master Keys for Kids

Master Keys for Kids

We are at a tipping point of destiny.  Today’s children will be global citizens and their actions, consumer demands, and awareness of the needs of others will shape the direction mankind will go.

Master Keys books and classes teach life skills to K - 8th that shape kid’s character while encouraging their inner balance.  All lessons are value-based and fall under the Master Keys of Kindness, Respect, Gratitude and Compassion.  Master Keys encourages critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and introspection.

What Students Have Learned....

“In Master Keys, I learned how to respect others more and that people matter.  Home and school are a happier place for me because I am being nicer and so are others. • I learned what to do if I fail and I’m starting to be more optimistic about failures. • I learned how to be polite and always proper. • I learned that people are suffering and that we can help them.”

– Grace, grade 6

“I think one thing made a difference is listening to others more than before. • I think serving others

helped for me to gain better relationships. • Interrupting also helped me to realize what I am doing.

• Forgiveness played a big role because I became aware of my surroundings.

• And I have really cut down on how much I lie.”

– Brandon, grade 6

“In one of the manners classes we learned about how many people are in bad shape. • Learning the

position people are in inspired me to sponsor a child with my family.  • I have not gotten as mad

at my sister’s anymore. • I have learned more table manners. • I have learned to forgive more.

– Maddy, grade 6

“I don’t get as angry as I used to. • I remember the anger class very well. • I remember the

Stress Relief class also. • I respect my elders more often now. • I remember Pieces of Peace, also.”

– Katie, grade 6

“I learned about anger. Every time I (or someone else) gets angry, I say “Be a Tree” loudly and

everyone laughs and the mood lightens.  I can now apologize a lot better.  My family doesn’t

                                                                                 hold so many grudges on me anymore.”                                                                                                                                                     

- Nina, Grade 5

“ I learned how to stop anger situations and to be able to quickly bond.”

– Kaelin, grade 4

“I learned about stress relief.  It helped me better in school. • I learned about failure.

• It helps me to forgive the people who did something to hurt my feelings.”

– Max, grade 4

Are you concerned about your children growing up in an increasingly mean-spirited and rude culture?

Teaching Manners, Ethics, and Civility