Master Keys for Kids

Master Keys for Kids

"We must guard jealously all that we have inherited from a long past,

all we are capable of creating in a trying present, and all we are determined to preserve in a foreseeable future."

- Paul Sachs,  

Associate Director Harvard's Fogg Museum

  Presentation to directors of American Museums during WWII;    

Robert M. Edsel,

The Monuments Men


and her pet, Peeves

Introducing the story of our narrator and her pet, Peeves on an adventure of magical hats, friendship and being true to yourself

A Tale of Two Keisters

The Art of

Thank You Notes

& How to Seat A Lady

Miss Butterpat

The Gifts and Challenges

of Loss for Children

Woods That It Were

The Art of

Making Apologies & Respecting Nature

With special feature...

Peeves Dictionary

A fun, interactive way

to teach vocabulary

Being Kind

Spending time with each other

Caring for each other

Laughter with family and friends & Respecting Nature

Being in Community

For Whom the Dinner Bell Trolls

The Art of Table Manners

Being a Guest / Host

A Manner for All Seasons

The Life Skills Storytelling Series

Thank you Notes • Condolence Notes • Apologies • Seating a Lady • Table Manners

A New Genre in Children's Literature!

Coming soon!

Teaching Manners, Ethics, and Civility